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Globally, >40% of all websites are built on WP

Website maintenance

Regularly updating Wordpress is essential to ensure website security, prevent security flaws, and maintain optimal performance.

In order to keep your company’s WordPress website in good condition for a long time and to ensure its sustainability, regular maintenance of WordPress and components is required. This includes everything from security updates to database optimization and performance improvements. Our agency offers professional WordPress maintenance, ensuring your website works optimally and provides a useful user experience.

WordPress updates and their importance

One of the main reasons WordPress maintenance is so important is security. WordPress is one of the most popular website development platforms, so it has also attracted unwanted attacks and attempts to penetrate the platform’s security. To prevent these risks, it is necessary to regularly update the WordPress code, themes and plugins, which will eliminate open security flaws and ensure that your site is protected from abuse.

In addition to security, WordPress maintenance also ensures optimal performance and site operation. Regular database optimizations help improve website loading speed and efficiency. In addition, by making appropriate technical improvements, such as adjusting caching settings and file compression, we can ensure that your website performs optimally and offers users a fast and consistent experience.

Our agency maintains WordPress in a controlled environment to prevent any negative impact on the website in production. With a development environment and testing process, we ensure that all changes and updates are done without impacting your production web page. This allows us to make sure the website is stable and working properly before implementing changes in production. Only when the renewed website has been tested and debugged can we put it into production.

In general, maintaining a WordPress website is an essential step to ensure the security, optimal performance and sustainability of your website. Our agency specializes in WordPress maintenance and offers a professional and controlled approach that will ensure your website is running perfectly. Leave the maintenance process to us so you can focus on growing your business.